Aaron Harberts

Television Writer/Showrunner

Aaron Harberts has worked on some of the most beloved TV shows in the past two decades. His early work on ROSWELL and JOHN DOE set him on track to becoming a well-known executive producer and showrunner in the entertainment industry.

Harberts has been drawn to the world of storytelling from a young age. As a kid, it wasn't uncommon to find him with a book in his hand, or daydreaming about potential characters and scenarios. As he grew older, this fascination didn't stop, though it took on many forms-- he even dabbled in the journalism world for a while. But inevitably, this love of story carried him to Hollywood and launched his career.

Harberts spent his youth in Florida, Iowa, and Indiana. He went on to attend Northwestern University, where he decided to pursue a career in entertainment. After graduating, Harberts moved to Los Angeles, where he reconnected with future writing partner, Gretchen J. Berg.

Harberts got his big break when he was hired to work on the original BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, from there, his writing career took off. Seven years later, he co-created his first show, PEPPER DENNIS, which shaped the tone of his work as drama with an undercurrent of comedy. Harberts has since written and produced on shows such as PUSHING DAISIES, MERCY, REIGN, and REVENGE. His work has earned him numerous awards and award nominations. He is currently developing projects at CBS.

July 2019, it was announced that Aaron Harberts, along with writing partner Gretchen Berg, joined Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, a new show set to air on NBC. The series is centered around a woman who questions her own sanity after she begins to hear peoples innermost desires through songs. Aaron is attached as a writer and executive producer.

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